Top Indo-Chinese restaurants in Bengaluru

If you are a food lover and you want to try a different type of food, then Bengaluru is the best place to explore various kinds of dishes. The love towards food among people is increasing day by day concerning different cuisine all over the world. For many of us, food gives joy to life. Whether a person is happy or sad, food will always be a mood changer to any person. Good food provides a person with the relaxation of mind.

There are a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Lebanese, Greek, and the list goes on. Indo Chinese is a cuisine which is very famous in India, especially in Bengaluru.

The Top Indo-Chinese restaurant's in Bengaluru are:

1) Despiwich Dragons Kitchen:

Despiwich Dragons Kitchen is a Minion Themed Restaurant situated in Banasawadi in Bengaluru. It is not only famous because of its ambience, but it is also known for its delicious food. It serves varieties of cuisine be it North Indian, South Indian or Chinese. Apart from these they also serve mouth-watering Indo Chinese cuisine. Their menu includes various Indo-Chinese starters as well as the main course. The place is a little small, but it serves yummy food at an affordable price. Apart from the dishes and the ambience, even the staffs here are amicable. You will love the place at a very first glance itself. It's a favourite hangout place for both kids and youngsters. Especially if you are a minion lover, it is a must-visit place.

2)China Pearl:

China Pearl is a Chinese restaurant located in 6th block in Koramangala, Bengaluru. This restaurant has customized its Chinese food to suit the Indian taste buds. Started in 2001 in Koramangala, this restaurant flourished year after year, and now it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bengaluru. This restaurant is known for its vast menu and pleasant ambience. The quantity of food served here is worth the price. Red Dragon Chicken is one of the most recommended dishes in this restaurant. It has various delicious options of Indo-Chinese food included in its menu. For all the Chinese lovers, China Pearl is a must-visit place.

3) Tim Tai:

Tim Tai is an ancient Pan Asian restaurant located in Koramangala in Bengaluru. This restaurant is known for its warm and lively ambience. The ambience and the atmosphere of Tim Tai is suitable for both family gathering as well as for hanging out with friends. This restaurant has a live kitchen, and they present their food very well. This restaurant serves various cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Asian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, and Burmese. The food served here is delicious and nutritious. To be specific, the Chinese food served here is one of my most favourite. The seating decors are vibrant, and the colours are soothing. Due to its courteous staff and lively environment, the place creates good vibes.

4) Bangalore Mandarin:

Bangalore Mandarin is an authentic Chinese restaurant situated in Indiranagar in Bengaluru. This restaurant mainly serves Chinese and seafood cuisines. It is a very calm place. It has a genuine Chinese ambience, which is very attractive. It provides quick service. Mustard chilli chicken is a must-try dish in this restaurant. The price of the plates is affordable. The ambience is suitable for both family and corporate lunches.

5) Yo! Chow:

Yo! Chow is a cosy restaurant situated in Marathahalli, Bengaluru. If you are craving to have Indo Chinese food, then this restaurant is a must-visit place. What makes this restaurant even better is that they have a separate kitchen for veg and non-veg. It provides prompt service. They also customize the food as per your requirements. The food here is yummy and once you try the food here you will want to visit it once again.