Our Five Most Popular Menu Items

1) Barbeque Chicken Pizza:

It is one of the most popular pizzas served in our restaurant. This Pizza loved by most of our customers. BBQ Pizza is mainly prepared using Chicken and BBQ Sauce. This Pizza gives fresh and smoky flavor to your taste buds.

2) Mixed Choco Sandwich:

Mixed Choco Sandwich is made mainly using bread and chocolate. It is a dish which is going to win your hearts if you are a chocolate lover. Kids love this sandwich, and even grown-ups cannot say no to them if they are chocolate lovers.

3) Crackling and Barbeque Sandwiches:

We serve various crackling and Barbeque sandwiches, which are name after the different characters of Minions. The different Crackling Sandwiches that we serve are Crackling Bob Paneer Sandwich, Crackling Kevin Corn Sandwich and Crackling Stuart Mushroom Sandwich, Chicken Crackling Witches Sandwich, Crackling Guru Chicken Sandwich. These sandwiches are quite filling, healthy and delicious and will be loved by both kids and adults. These sandwiches are great for any time of the day.

The different Barbeque Sandwiches that we serve are BBQ Special Bob Paneer Sandwich, BBQ Special Kevin Corn Sandwich and BBQ Special Stuart Mushroom Sandwich, Chicken BBQ Special Sandwich, BBQ Special Guru Chicken Sandwich. These sandwiches are quite different from the regular sandwiches and hence, it is one of the most recommended dishes in our menus.

4) Burnt Garlic Noodles and Fried Rice:

Our list includes both burnt garlic noodles as well as roasted garlic fried rice, and these are plain, delicious, light and mildly spicy. We serve veg as well as chicken burnt garlic, fried rice and noodles. It is one among the most popular items in our menu and tastes best when you have it with Manchurian gravies.

5) Sholay Kabab:

Sholay kabab is a finger-licking spicy chicken kabab. Whenever our customers try this dish, it reminds them of the movie SHOLAY! This dish is cook using exotic spices, and hence this is loved by many.

These are the top five most popular items on our menu, and we suggest you to surely try these dishes when you visit our restaurant “Despiwich Dragon’s Kitchen”.